Open access electronic books


The book is one of the most traditional and great record of knowledge and keeps the history of humanity. It has cumulated in the books all the human knowledge since human being was able to record his experiences, stories and fantasies. The technology of printed books remained without changing since Gutenberg until the Internet appearance that became the available knowledge accessible breaking definitely the barriers of time and space.

The electronic book or e-book emerged and we have the purpose of democratize the access to this digital media from the possibility of consulting it around the world by simultaneous users.

This space is dedicated to publication of e-books in Psychology considering the major principle of BVS-Psi that is the open access to knowledge. The objective is to available books out of the publishing market that copyrights were assigned to BVS-Psi or are in public domain.

Métodos projetivos e avaliação psicológica: atualizações, avanços e perspectivas


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